Tern GSD S10 "Ari" - Refurbished
Tern GSD S10 "Ari" - Refurbished
Tern GSD S10 "Ari" - Refurbished

Tern GSD S10 "Ari" - Refurbished

Tern GSD S10 "Ari" - Refurbished

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 'Ari' Main Specs:

  • Location - Sydney
  • GSD S10 Gen 2 LR model
  • 400W Bosch Powerpack 
  • Bosch Cargo Line motor (BES2 system)
  • Added features:
    • Tern Sidekick Wide Decks

'Ari' Condition:

  • First usage date - 23/01/2021
  • Total kms travelled -2,926
  • Battery cycles - 54
  • Frame condition - 'As New'

Standard Lug+Carrie Quality Guarantee:

  • Full service completed post last usage inc. brake bleed and system update
  • New brake pads, front and rear
  • Chain life less than 1000 km, less than 0.5 worn
  • Tyres less than 2000 km travelled
  • Service interval set at +1500 km

Same quality and reliability for less

Maintained by Tern Experts

This refurbished eBike was part of the Lug+Carrie subscription fleet. All refurbished eBikes from Lug+Carrie receive a minimum 12-month warranty on the motor, a detailed service history, and a battery life-cycle report.

Quality guaranteed

All refurbished eBikes from Lug+Carrie will receive a minimum 12-month warranty on the motor, a detailed service history, and a battery life-cycle report. Additionally, you'll receive a free tune-up with your purchase.

Consider us your support crew

Our team is with you every step of the way, from assisting you in selecting the right eBike at the right price point to ensuring it's perfectly set up. We're here to ensure you ride away with confidence

Ride away happy

We include a personalised handover with every purchase, and our specialist Tern mechanics can build and set up your eBike. Plus, enjoy a complimentary tune-up service to keep your new wheels run smoothly.

Protecting what's important

Don’t be fooled by imitations, not all eBikes are equal.

Design for Safety

Tern meet the highest levels of safety standards, without cutting corners.

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UL 2894 Certified

Using Bosch battery safety standards to protect your family and property.

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EFBF Tested

Certified to safely start, stop and carry precious cargo.

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This Tern eBike was used as part of the Lug+Carrie subscription fleet. These eBikes are used by customers on a flexible 'subscription' where the Lug+Carrie service team provides regular maintenance and servicing at no extra cost, which means the bikes are always kept in tip top shape.

The used bike models available for purchase have been classified for their frame and cockpit condition in line with the following system:

  • 'As New' - minimal to no superficial blemishes or signs of wear
  • 'Very Good' - minor blemishes such as small scratches or scuffs
  • 'Good' - noticeable signs of use with moderate blemishes including scratches or paint chips
  • 'Fair' - visible wear and tear including prominent blemishes such as paint chips, light surface rust, or dents

The battery cycles shown by the Bosch diagnostic report indicate the usage of the battery, with each single cycle a full charge and depletion of the entire Powerpack capacity and representative of between 40-100kms. 

  • 0-1 battery cycles = almost brand new
  • 500 battery cycles = Bosch's performance guarantee
  • 1500 battery cycles = Bosch's lifespan expectation

Unfortunately not. Purchases of refurbished Lug+Carrie eBikes are outside the Tern Bicycles Limited Warranty conditions and the original manufacturer's warranty for non-Tern or BioLogic branded parts may no longer apply. 

Yes. The pedal assistance you receive from your eBike is limited to speeds not exceeding 25km per hour. This rule governs all eBikes in Australia.

That said, you can ride your bike as fast as you want. Anything above 25km per hour, however, will require you to either pedal hard or find a big hill.